I allow myself to be a messenger of love through music and vibrational energy. It is my mission to share my gifts to support, inspire and empower you on your sacred soul journey

About Ute

Ute Passionflower is a classically trained musician, composer and international performer with an M.sc. in psychology including training in energetic healing and hypnotherapy. Ute was featured on TEDx, MTV & BNN, has played to audiences of over 50.000 people in the Ajax Stadium Amsterdam ArenA and is collaborating with talented composers like Pablo Arellano and Stefan Osadzinski. She is also sharing her gifts online through invigorating healing and inspiring concerts. Her concerts on the world’s largest meditation app Insight Timer are a source of peace and joy for hundreds of grateful listeners. From Luis Vuitton to Sensation White, from Palais Liechtenstein to Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - Ute inspires and energetically embraces the hearts of her audience, lifting their spirit and empowering their souls with her captivating vision, voice and violin sound. Ute recently also composed and performed for the Royal opening of the Frida Kahlo Exposition in the Drenths Museum. Ute’s work is uniquely transformational and her compositions and performances are enjoyed by thousands across all continents

Everything is vibration (...) knowingly or unknowingly, we are creating peace or war, chaos or harmony every split second of our lives (...) luckily everything that vibrates can be tuned 

                               Tune Yourself, Tune Your World

                                                                                                    Ute Passionflower on TEDx Amsterdam Women