I offer a unique blend of sound healing, energetic healing and modern hypnotherapy to re-awaken and recharge your unique soul qualities and activate neural and deep cellular healing processes. 

I am a spiritual hybrid musician - psychologist (M.sc. University of Amsterdam) and consulting hypnotherapist, certified by Mind Experts and the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute with additional training by the master hypnotherapists Gabriel Palacios and Bob Burns. Combining my deep life experience with my expertise & passion in the fields of music, mind and spirit I developed the art of UTE  (Unique Therapeutic Energy).

The sessions are especially suitable for those who desire deeper understanding of their soul path and are eager to find answers and solutions by diving into the vast realms of their subconscious mind whilst establishing a deeply liberating connection with their soul essence. 

You are guided to communicate with your body, energetic body, inner child self, unborn child self and higher self for healing, personal growth and soul-path-aligned shifts towards more health, happiness and (self-)love. 

This therapeutic journey can help you re-establish inner peace and balance, activate stagnated energy flow, transform mind set, limiting beliefs and personal habits that often are the cause of stress, anxiety, addiction, burn out, depression or confusion.  
It is an opportunity for you to align with source consciousness, let go of unwanted energy, alter maladaptive patterns and create new neuronal pathways to support healing and personal growth towards a soulfully thriving, harmonious and purpose-oriented life. 

The UTE  Therapy session will be held online and lasts 60 min   

Fee 80 Euro  

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