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Ute Apfelstedt, M.SC., also known as Ute Passionflower is a violinist, singer, songwriter, composer and performing artist

Ute Passionflower has been performing as an electric violinist and singer on numerous club and event stages throughout the world, from Luis Vuitton to Sensation White, from Palais Liechtenstein to Amsterdam ArenA. She is composing music for film, TV and multi media purposes. As a violinist, flautist, singer songwriter and composer she was involved in several high end projects, amongst which the Floriade, C&A Europe, Unicef, Terre Des Hommes and 100 jaar Maarten Toonder. As a high end performer, composer and psychologist with additional experience in the application of mind tuning and visualisation techniques, she is recently merging the fields of music and mind in an inspiring synthesis. She powerfully introduced her vision with a keynote concert on TEDx Amsterdam Women 2016.

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Violin Passionata – How Does It Make You Feel?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNlacxrRycY Dear friends and fans, I hope you enjoy this spontaneous video of my composition Violin Passionata to celebrate the arrival of new leaves and blossoms with etherial passion. Composition and performance by Ute Apfelstedt...

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I Believe in G

https://youtu.be/tSOE0HShDYI       xxxxxxx -- click on the post to watch and listen to my song I Believe in G on my YouTube channel - Thank you for watching, liking & subscribing -   - looking forward to reading your comments 🙂 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx...

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Mysterious Cruising with Ute Passionflower

Tonight on supperclub cruise: a special cinematic violin performance by Ute Passionflower location and time: supperclub Cruise, behind CS Amsterdam, next to ferry boat station – boat is cruising 8.30 pm – 11.30 pm Reservation: supperclubcruise.nl

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Live electric violin meets cinematic club experience

Live electric violin meets cinematic club experience Ute Passionflower is performing live on her light emitting electric 5 string violin, coming saturday, october 7th, at supperclub Amsterdam. She will be playing a selection of her own cross over compositions from her...

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Saturday Light Fever

Come, see and hear Ute Passionflower live on her electric 5 string violin! where:  supperclub Amsterdam when:   saturday, June 3rd, 9 pm – 9.20pm what:    funky meets classical meets lounge meets cinematic experience. Ute will be playing tracks from her violin album...

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Music is Medicine: Ute Apfelstedt on TEDx Talks

It was a wonderful experience to be greatly appreciated as a performing artist, composer and inspirational speaker on TEDx Amsterdam Women in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam last night! “Let’s tune ourselves and we’ll tune the world.  What lies behind us and what lies...

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Last videos

Ute Apfelstedt the Passion Flower live at the supperclub Amsterdam


Ute Passionflower on TEDx Amsterdam Women (live stream)


Passion Flower (Ute Apfelstedt) playing live in the supperclub Amsterdam


To Love Or Not To Love by PASSION FLOWER (official video)

Ute Apfelstedt also known as Ute Passionflower or formerly Passion Flower is a violinist, singer, songwriter, composer and performing artist. Her compositions are characterized by emotional depth and a cinematic flair. The music travels through the realms of mysterious ambience, world music, electronica and classical crossover. Her lyrics touch upon issues of individual and global healing, empathy, love and compassion and are an extension of her intentions to create more unity and understanding in this world.

The song To Love Or Not To Love is from her 2015 album Born for Love by Passion Flower

She has released three albums: Shine in Your Own Light by Passion Flower (2000), Born For Love by Passion Flower (2015) and Cover Me by Ute Passionflower (2016). All three albums are available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. For bookings and info get in touch via the contact form. Feel free to ask any questions concerning the possibilities to highlight your special event.


Ute playing at the Little Buddha Amsterdam

Ute Apfelstedt also known as Ute Passionflower or formerly Passion Flower is a violinist, singer, songwriter, composer and performing artist. She has played on club and event stages around the world and composed for Unicef, Terre des Hommes, Cordaid and the UN as well as European commercials and high end corporate and theatre productions. In co-operation with Future Sound Amsterdam she also wrote the music for the Dutch musical “De Nieuwe Ijstijd” and the Floriade. As an electric violinist she has been a resident performer of Supperclub Amsterdam. Other performing highlights are Luis Vuitton, Georg Jensen, Eurosonic and Sensation White Wicked Wonderland Tour, TEDx Amsterdam Women.

Ute’s latest violin compositions are released on her album “Cover Me” by Ute Passionflower (2016), available on iTunesBandcamp and Spotify.



Cover Me

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PASSIONFLOWERPOWER: Violins, beats, melodies. Sonic waves of gentleness and courage. Every track tells its own story. A strong sound, (com)passionate and intense. VIOLINS BEAT VIOLENCE.

I would love to hear which tracks are your favorites and why. You can let me know via the contact form on my website   CONTACT FORM
I will also try to take your feedback into account when writing new songs in the future.

Ute Passionflower

credits  –  All tracks are composed, arranged, performed, produced and mastered by Ute Apfelstedt / Passionflower and Stefan Osadzinski / futuresoundamsterdam. –  sleeve design: Bas Kostelijk

released May 9, 2015  –  All songs and lyrics written by Ute Apfelstedt (Passion Flower)- Arranged by Stefan Osadzinski and Ute Apfelstedt (Passion Flower) – Produced and mastered by Stefan Osadzinski (Future Sound Amsterdam) – Piano, keyboards, beats and electronics by Stefan Osadzinski – All vocals, violins and flutes by Ute Apfelstedt (Passion Flower)

Cover photo taken by Stefan Osadzinski – Cover design by Bas Kostelijk


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Every song on this album addresses a different aspect of love from a different emotional plane or mindset. The songs travel musically through various genres, from indie rock to soundtrack, from electronic or classical cross over to singer songwriter, all bound together by the underlying theme BORN FOR LOVE. The common denominator are my vocals and my violins. Some songs are as old as my kittens, others as old as my beloved children. Listen to the whole album and you may find your favorite sonic companion for your own specific situation (topic related songs in brackets). If you are on the verge of standing up for yourself, about to go your own way or leave an abusive relationship or situation (Born For Love, Wings Across The World), going through a phase of loss and mourning, remembering a loved one (Swear, A 1000 Stars), searching for higher love (Forever Be Love, Show Me Your Heart, To Love Or Not To Love), feeling unconditional love, empathy, compassion for children, animals, the world (Please, Forever Be Love), love for peace, humanity (We Are The Ones, Winter Days, To Love Or Not To Love, Forever Be Love), letting go and stepping into self love (Born For Love, Forever Be Love, To Love Or Not To Love) or asserting your own girl self (Princesses Really Fly, Sunflowers), looking for real joyful love (Sunflowers), feeling romantic love (Love, Jewels) or the freedom aspect of (self)love (Born for Love, Wings Across The World, Princesses Really fly, Free) – this album offers you a musical journey that takes you through it all.
I would love to hear which songs are your favorites and why. You can let me know via the contact form on my website   CONTACT FORM
I will also try to take your feedback into account when writing new songs in the future.
Love, Ute Passionflower

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